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Guest blog post: The importance of fitness during and after pregnancy by Alex

First of our guest blog posts was written by the lovely local mummy and fitness instructor Alex, who wrote a piece about the importance of fitness and exercise during and after pregnancy.

Guest blog posts will be a regular feature on this blog, written by empowering women and mothers, business women, inspirational parents to share their journeys, inspire, share their experiences and more. Stay tuned for more.

I am incredibly excited that Alex is the first feature as a guest blogger on my blog - she is an inspirational mummy helping women feel and look great, all in fun, baby friendly environment.

Author: Alex Henderson from Sweaty Mama Bicester

It is an absolute mine field trying to figure out what you can and cannot due during pregnancy fitness wise and I feel like although everyone is different and has different considerations to be taken on board, there are some basics that us mummies need to know.

Pre-natal exercises

Most ladies who come to me well after their baby has arrived, are just starting to wish they had done their pelvic floor exercises and asking for advice on what they can do to strengthen this area. You should start your basic pelvic floor exercises early on in pregnancy in order to help with the growing weight of the baby and aid quicker recover after. Our Mamilates classes are a great way to relax and unwind during pregnancy, but also have a huge focus on core strength and activating the pelvic floor muscles to prepare your body in the best way.

Pelvic floor exercises have many benefits during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it’s not just the pelvic floor that takes on extra strain, so mummies to be need to look after their whole body, even if you aren’t a regular gym goer, you should be thinking about doing something to strengthen your muscles so that your body can cope better and you will be less likely to suffer with so many aches and pains as your baby grows. Also working on your strength endurance, is going to get you through that labour!! We offer three types of classes, all of which are suitable during pregnancy as there are low options and adaptations to keep you safe no matter what level of fitness you are at. Our mummies to be can feel secure and confident in a group environment that every exercise they are doing is suitable for them.

Feel great and fit post baby

After that little bundle of joy has arrived, exercise is probably the last thing you are thinking of initially, but it’s going to help you mentally and physically to get back into a little gentle routine as soon as you have had that sign off. Recovery time obviously varies depending on your delivery, but again all of our classes are adaptable to enjoy on a lower level. Our Sweaty Mama class is so much fun and you can do it with your little one, so you have that extra bonding time, whist improving your fitness and socialising with other mummies.

Looking for a challenge? Try Sweaty Mama Bootcamp!

I also get lots of new mums wanting to lose their ‘mum tum’ and although their is no quick fix for this, adding in some high intensity exercise, will help for sure! We have evening bootcamp classes which as well as giving you the chance to have some time out, working out with other ladies, will increase fitness, burn fat and release those happy hormones.

As a pre and post natal specialist trainer, my priority with all ladies who train with me is their safety and well-being, so we would always tailor your exercise accordingly.

About the author:

Alex Henderson is a Bicester based fitness instructor and a mummy to an adorable 9 month old Rocco. She runs One Sweaty Mama in Bicester, providing safe, fun and effective exercise for mummies that is baby and pregnancy friendly. During lockdown she run Sweaty Mama @ home virtual fitness classes.

You can follow her on social media on instagram and facebook.

Alex is currently running both virtual and in person classes, bootcamps as well as Mamilates - if you want to feel great and have fun exercising, get in touch with her to book your session.

Contact information:

tel: 07814 417991

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