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How to Nail Your Outdoor Spring Family Photoshoot: 3 Expert Tips

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Oxfordshire

As an Oxfordshire family photographer I know preparation for your photoshoot is the key to achieving the beautiful family portraits you dream of. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by planning your dream Spring Family Photoshoot in Oxfordshire this year? Fear not! I've compiled some top tips to help your planning and shoot go smoothly:

  1. Plan ahead!

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Oxfordshire

The key to a smooth, relaxed outdoor family photoshoot is preparation. Book your session ahead of time to give you enough time to get your ducks in a row. Prepare your outfits and essentials for the shoot itself (don't worry, upon booking with me you'll receive a comprehensive prep guide as well as styling help to tick one worry of your list) so when it comes to the day, you can fully relax and be present knowing you have everything you need and that you feel and look great!

2. Trust your photographer & embrace the chaos

Outdoor Family Photographer Oxfordshire

On the day of the photoshoot, if you are still feeling a little unsure or nervous, let your photographer take the lead and put you at ease. Depending on the photographer's style, they might take the lead and pose you, or if they are lifestyle photographers like me, they will gently guide you and allow you and your family to fully relax, play around, interact with each other and document the beautiful love you have for each other.

My family sessions are very unscripted. Even though there are some shots I ensure I get every single time, a lot of the time I simply adapt my session to each family. Every single family I work with has unique dynamic and personalities, so it only makes sense that I don't work with a fixed plan and rather shoot what feels natural for the said family. Letting kids be kids, embracing the beautiful chaos a family life can bring, and capturing the immense love and bond you all share - that's the aim of my session. And knowing that they don't have to perform and awkwardly stand and smile, it puts my clients right at ease, allowing them to enjoy the session and resulting in natural, heartwarming family photographs.

3. Be yourself & be present

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Oxfordshire

The key to authentic family portraits that feel like you is to be fully present and enjoy your session. Don't worry too much about your hair, about smoothing every crease on your dress, about your kiddos being on best behaviour. Relax and trust the process. Be yourself, your true, authentic self, because who that is is AWESOME! Leave all your worries behind and fully immerse yourself in the session. Play with your kids, interact with your spouse, go with the flow. You are magic, so just be yourself and let me capture your sparkle.



The Second Star Photography is a professional mobile studio, providing in home newborn and outdoor family photography sessions within Oxfordshire and areas of Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Enjoy the luxury of professional newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home. Klara is first aid trained professional newborn and family photographer covering Bicester, Banbury, Aylesbury, Abingdon, Oxford, Thame, Brackley and The Cotswolds among other areas of Oxfordshire, Bucks and Northamptonshire.


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