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Spring inspired baby names from Oxfordshire Newborn Photographer

Oxfordshire Newborn Photographer

Naming a baby is a huge responsibility. And there are SO many amazing names it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choice.

As a newborn photographer, I come across so many babies with gorgeous names. To help you, I've compiled top 20 Spring themed baby names along with their meaning and origin, for your Spring baby.

baby names

  1. Clementine - French origin, means gentle, mild

  2. Iris - Greek origin, means rainbow

  3. Lily - English origin, means flower lily

  4. Anastasia - Greek origin, means resurrection

  5. Poppy - Latin origin, means red flower

  6. Olive - latin origin, means olive tree, peace, tranquility

  7. Willow - English origin, means willow tree, elegant

  8. Oona - Irish origin, means lamb

  9. Florence - Latin origin, means blossoming, flourishing

  10. Birdie - Old English origin, means bird like, bright

baby names

  1. Adam - Hebrew origin, means earth and soil

  2. Xavier - Arabic origin, means bright

  3. Robin - German origin, means bright, shining

  4. Forest - French origin, means woodsman, woods

  5. Sonny - Anglo-Saxon origin, means son, boy child

  6. Aviv - Hebrew origin, means springtime, freshness

  7. Wells - British origin, means from the spring

  8. Ash - English origin, means happy

  9. Storm - British origin, means tempest

  10. Neo - Greek origin, means new

Some of my other favourite names with Spring theme are: Meadow, Juniper, Jasmine, Dahlia, Mae, Nova, James, April, Rain.

What are your favourite Spring themed baby names?


The Second Star Photography is a professional mobile studio, providing in home newborn and outdoor family photography sessions within Oxfordshire and areas of Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Enjoy the luxury of professional newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home. Klara is first aid trained professional newborn and family photographer covering Bicester, Banbury, Aylesbury, Abingdon, Oxford, Thame, Brackley and The Cotswolds among other areas of Oxfordshire, Bucks and Northamptonshire.

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