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Documenting the beautiful life

Hi there!

I'm Klara, a photographer, daughter, friend, partner, music lover, travel enthusiast, gardening lover and a dog mum.

I'm originally from Czech Republic, but fell in love with English countryside and have been living in Oxfordshire for a loooooong time.

I've always been drawn to photography, ever since young age. But my passion turned into a career when I opened The Second Star Photography. 

My Journey to photography....


I've had interest in photography ever since I was a child. I loved (and still love) going through old photos of my family and reliving the beautiful, precious memories we share. I love the feeling of a physical photograph and the meaning behind it. One photograph can mean a thousand words...

I found my passion in photography since I was very young. I started photographing what interest me, which was nature, animals (especially dogs) and families. Soon this turned into love for documenting love. Family love. I fell in love with newborn photography and family photography. There is something incredibly precious about documenting the first moments with a new baby. 

The more I learnt about newborn photography, the more I fell in love with it.  I have completed a CPR training for babies aged 0-1 and have insurance and policies in place. Safety of your little one is my upmost priority and I always work at your little one's pace as each baby is different and requires different amount of soothing and slightly different handling. Some babies take a little longer to fall asleep than others and so in my newborn sessions I work with each individual baby and their needs to create relaxed atmosphere where you and your little one feel comfortable and safe. I have completed COVID-19 prevention course and you can read about my COVID-19 safety guidelines and policies HERE

My passion for nature and the outdoors comes through in my outdoor family sessions. I believe every photographer leaves a little bit of themselves in their work. For me, it is getting outdoors and capturing the pure joy of kids running around, the family adventure, the snuggles... 

My approach....

My photo sessions are extremely relaxed. The aim is to document you and your family, your love and bond, the way you are. True laughs, snuggles, kisses... Rather than forcing you into stiff awkward poses, I will be a fly on the wall, documenting your beautiful family. I gently guide you to place and pose, and by using prompts I will try to spark a reaction, or emotion. My mantra is allowing kids to be kids, letting them explore, run around,  take the photo session as an adventure. For newborn sessions, it is important to me you all feel comfortable and safe. Allowing me into your newborn bubble can be stressful, and I fully understand and appreciate that. That's why my aim is to make you feel comfortable and safe, so I can document this emotion filled chapter of your life with love and care, resulting in images you will treasure forever. 

Want to chat about your session? Get in touch at or send a message via our CONTACT FORM so we can start planning for capturing the most amazing, magical, life changing time of your life.

I love...

Family & Friends

My dog







Exploring the world

Capturing the beauty in life

Currently listening to

Frank Turner 

You Met At Six

Papa Roach


Photo session - ALL (lifestyle newborn, lifestyle family, outdoor family - I love them all!)

Camera brand: Canon baby!

Film; Requiem for a Dream

Destination: Scottish Highlands

Animal: Dog (specifically 

Music genre: Rock

Food:  Burritos

Season: Autumn

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