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Capturing Moments: The Benefits of At Home Newborn Photoshoot for Clients in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Updated: Mar 25

At-home newborn photoshoot Oxfordshire

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Or have you recently welcomed a little addition to your family? The newborn bubble is so precious yet so fleeting. You will want to remember these newborn moments forever, but getting everyone ready, packing the car and getting everyone on time to a studio can seem like such a daunting task with a newborn. That's where at-home newborn photoshoots come to rescue! If you're living in Oxfordshire or areas of Buckinghamshire, I will come to you and capture your beautiful newborn in the comfort and safety of your own home, resulting in beautiful, intimate keepsakes of this special time.

Comfort, safety and convenience - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire at-home newborn photoshoot

Heading out with a newborn can be a real ordeal - especially in the first few days when you and your whole family can feel vulnerable. Packing up the nappy bag with all the essentials, getting everyone dressed up, all while having to get somewhere at a certain time - it can be a lot! The last thing you can think of is navigating streets of the town with a newborn. The stress about finding the studio, parking...

At-home newborn photoshoot takes all this stress away. All you need to do is to get yourself ready. Does your little one need a nappy change? Would you like to feed them in privacy? Any little keepsakes you want to include? No problem! Everything you need is nearby and you can feel relaxed in your own environment, your own safe space.

At-home newborn photoshoot Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Older siblings can have fun!

Another perk of at-home newborn photography is if you have an older kiddo, they can have fun. There is absolutely no expectation of them to perform, sit still and grin for the camera. They will be captured at play, snuggling with their new sibling... Completely relaxed. They will be able to feel comfortable and safe knowing it's their environment. Especially when it comes to toddlers, new environment can be scary (or exciting and they'll want to explore), which can make a studio newborn session disruptive. But at their own space, they usually feel happy, content and confident, making the whole newborn photoshoot experience smooth. And when they get bored they have plethora of toys in their room they can occupy themselves with :)

At-home baby photoshoot Oxfordshire

Intimate and real setting for your newborn photoshoot

Your home provides the most intimate backdrop for your photoshoots. It also allows real memories to be captured. The chances are, when your little one grows up, you'd move homes, so having a keepsake of what the real newborn stage was like, at their home, their old nursery... it creates special memories.

Being at safety of your own home, you will feel at ease which results natural, intimate, emotional moments being captured, without the worries of studio passers by peeking in to the window. You can be yourself. Truly yourself. And let me capture that magic.

At-home baby photoshoot Oxfordshire

At your own pace

At-home newborn photoshoot is completely tailored to you and your family. There is no "script". Each family is different. Therefore each at-home newborn photoshoot is different. During my time with you, I will capture your family at your own pace. If your little one needs a little break, or if your toddler isn't feeling it, I'll adapt. We can take a short break, adapt the session to suit the toddler - the aim is to capture your family as you are, not pushing your kids to perform something they don't want to do. So I take time to ensure I work at a pace that is comfortable for you and your whole family, resulting in relaxed, heartwarming photographs.

At-home newborn photographer Oxfordshire

Venturing out

If you want to capture some portraits of you outside of the house and if the weather permits, I'm more than happy to oblige! We can either photograph in your garden or in the street - so you can show your little one where they lived when they were just a teeny tiny newborn. At-home photoshoot allows flexibility to do that.

At-home newborn photographer Oxfordshire

This is what at-home newborn photography in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire is all about. Capturing those newborn moments in a natural, intimate way, without the stress of venturing to a studio. A fully personalised and flexible experience tailored to you and your family. A true celebration of the newborn bubble, love and joy.

Are you ready to capture your beautiful newborn bubble?

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