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Top 5 reasons why to book Winter outdoor photoshoot

Updated: Mar 25

My busiest season for family photo sessions is naturally the Summer. But recently, I have had more interest in family sessions during colder months - and I absolutely fell in love with them. Not sure about having a session in the winter? Let me try to convince you why winter family sessions are AMAZING:

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1. Lighting As a natural light photographer, I often have to think quickly and adapt to ever changing light conditions. I am used to it. I actually kinda love it - it it allows me to be creative, think outside of box rather than get stuck with the same couple poses and set ups. It makes me work with the nature.

There is a reason I prefer Winter sun over Summer sun - it is so much softer for one. It makes it easier for me to control it and get it hit my clients just right, creating flattering lighting on their faces. The light also is a little lower than in height of Summer, allowing me more time flexibility for the session.

2. Something different - if you think summer photos filled with green and blooms are overdone, or if you're looking for something a bit more unique for your family portraits, winter photoshoot is just the thing for you.

3. Muted natural colours - who says that nature in the winter isn't beautiful? Sure, the trees are a little bare, but instead of vibrant green the nature is magical in natural, muted colours of browns and taupes.

4. Possibility of winter fog or snow for extra magic - If we get lucky, there is a chance the weather will bless us with some gorgeous winter fogs or even snow sprinkling, which just adds to the magic of a portrait session. A light mist really looks beautiful and adds a bit of mystery and magic to the portraits, while snow works wonderfully as a reflector, and also it's a wonderful tool to keep kids happy and smiley.

5. Cozy outfits, accessories & layers - let's be honest, winter clothing carries a certain kind of coziness that a beautiful summer dress can't replicate. The feeling of warmth and comfort a nice chunky cardigan brings will easily carry into your photographs. Winter also brings a great opportunity to be creative with your outfits for your session, with layering and accessorising playing a prime role. Unleash your

If you're still not convinced, here are a few examples of a winter photoshoot:

Are you ready to book your winter family photo session yet? Get in touch to discuss your memory making experience.

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