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The Second Star Photography in Oxford Mail & Bicester Advertiser - Lockdown Babies support group

At the beginning of lockdown, I was thinking what I can do to help the Oxfordshire community of parents to be and brand new parents. I was absolutely heartbroken for my clients and other parents or expecting parents who were missing out on all the exciting things that come hand in hand with the new chapter of their life. These exciting memories are usually celebrated and shared with loved ones with gender reveal parties, baby showers, parents can usually benefit from pre-natal classes, fitness clubs, mummy clubs and other activities. But all of the sudden, lockdown happened and many of these parents became very isolated, not being able to share their experiences and benefit from classes and usual advice they normally would. So I decided that since I can't provide my photography services due to lockdown, I can try to help make this time easier for them and bring a bit of normality to their journey. I have decided to set up a facebook support group called Lockdown Babies Oxfordshire, which surprisingly has taken off and currently has over 140 members!

The group was set to provide support, resources and access to free classes and lessons for pregnant and new parents. I have recently hosted a Lockdown Babies week event and I was blown away with the amazing content fellow local business owners and service providers kindly provided for free for our members to bring some normality to these strange times. Businesses such as Frombumpstobabies, Blissful Birthing, Together Time Oxfordshire, Melody Music, One Fit Mama, Yoga Being Bicester, Felicity Wood Yoga, Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, The Baby Consultant, Bluebell Naming Ceremonies and Zen Muma Sam and myself pulled together and created videos and podcasts for our lovely members, sharing free classes, lessons and information to help them through this tough time.

As the group grew, we even managed to get on the pages of Oxford Mail and Bicester Advertiser! You can also read the Oxford Mail article on their website here.

I hope that the parents found this group helpful throughout lockdown, and that it provided support when it was needed. I will still continue running the group and the content will still be available even with the lockdown easing, as I believe it is always nice to have a safe place where you can share your experiences and virtually connect with other parents on similar journey. If you haven't joined yet and would like to, feel free to join our community and support group here.

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