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Share the love - Launching a brand new referral program

Today is a very exciting day here at The Second Star Photography as I am launching a brand new Refer a Friend Program for all my lovely clients to reward you for your loyalty and support!

I love my clients and it means so much to me when they recommend me to their friends and family - it is one of the biggest compliments they could ever give me. That's why I want to reward them to say thank you - and this is where the new Referral Program comes in!

Going forward, each of my clients will receive referral cards to hand out to their friends, giving their friends an exclusive discount for when they book! Once the given referral cards get returned to me after their friends have booked their session, the client who referred their friends & family to me will receive an exclusive gift for their loyalty and support! It's that easy!

If you have any questions regarding the exciting brand new referral program, or if you would like to schedule your session, please contact me.

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