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Beautiful baby D's 6 weeks old "newborn" photoshoot with cats! - Oxfordshire newborn photography

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

When precious baby D's mummy contacted me, her little princess was already over one month old. The typical ideal window when it's best to take newborn portraits is between 5-14 days of age of your little one, and at 6 weeks old baby D was way past this "ideal window". Her mummy contacted me and said how much she loves my work and that she wishes we could capture some newborn portraits of her precious baby. I explained to mum that it may not be 100% possible to capture baby D in newborn poses as she is technically not a newborn anymore, but that I would be absolutely honoured to capture some lovely timeless portraits of her for her and her family to treasure forever. But I promised that I will see and try if her little girl will be comfortable in the classical newborn poses and I will definitely attempt them if I think it will be safe and comfortable for her. And I am so happy I did.

This little girl was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Working with a 6 week old baby was a little bit different than working with a newborn, but sweet little D surprised me how content and happy she was throughout the whole session, and she even slept for quite a large portion of the portrait session, allowing me to pose her and capture her in the newborn style her parents wanted. When she was asleep she was even better sleeper than some newborns I had previously photographed! We captured some lovely portraits of baby D with her beautiful big blue eyes wide open, as well as some beautiful sleepy portraits of this little cherub.

Baby D was simply a dream to photograph. Her mummy and daddy also requested if I could somehow incorporate their cats in the portraits. I was so happy to be able to create this family portrait of baby D with her feline siblings. For safety reasons the below photograph is a composite, baby D was safe the entire time.

I love to capture special moments and special requests for my clients. If you have any specific heirloom objects, themes or if you would like your pets to participate, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. There is nothing I love more than creating bespoke beautiful portraits just for you.

If your little one is a little bit older and you worry that you have missed the opportunity to get some beautiful newborn portraits, feel free to pop me a message and discuss your requirements. Every baby is different and I always work with each baby to achieve beautiful gallery you will cherish forever, even if they are a little bit older. Awake, asleep or both, newborn or slightly older baby, your baby is beautiful and I would be honoured to capture your little miracle for you just the way they are - beautiful and perfect.

Get in touch to discuss your little one's portrait session.

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