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Outdoor family sessions resuming on 15th June 2020 + updated safety procedures

I am extremely excited to announce that in line with the latest government guidelines and phased easing of lockdown, I am able to open back up for outdoor socially distanced family photo sessions as of 15th June 2020!

Outdoor family photography Bicester

These sessions will be held in beautiful outdoor location in Oxfordshire to keep the environment safe and to adhere to social distancing at all times. I have strict safety and sickness policies and guidelines in place to ensure your safety. A lot of the things haven't changed - being a newborn photographer my hygiene procedures have always been strict with hand sanitiser essentially living in my camera bag. I also always keep all my equipment and props sanitised, washing each prop before and after each session. However I have now implemented some other policies to minimise any potential risks and to keep you safe.

Keeping you safe with following guidelines:

  • As per the government guidelines, I will be keeping minimum of 2m distance at all times.

  • I will be only taking on limited number of sessions per week to ensure a gap of minimum of 48hrs between each session. This will allow me to sanitise everything as needed, as well as allow some time between sessions to ensure I am not infectious.

  • I will also wear face mask during your session to prevent spread of my droplets. If you have a small child or a toddler, I will be sending a photograph of me in my face mask/face covering prior to the session, so you can show it to them and they don't get scared or feel uneasy during the session. I have some funky fabric face coverings for sessions with toddlers and small children to make them as child friendly as possible.

  • Working with children, I always had strict sickness policy, which I have even strengthened now. If you or anybody you have been in contact with feel ill within 72hrs prior to your scheduled session, please do let me know and we will reschedule your session. This doesn't only apply to Covid-19 symptoms such as fever and cough, but please apply this to even other illnesses such as sickness bug, common cold etc..

  • For now, sessions are only able to resume in outdoor locations and with strict social distancing guidelines. Luckily we live in a gorgeous part of the country and Oxfordshire provides some stunning sceneries. Close contact sessions such as posed newborn, indoor close contact sessions and cake smashes are sadly not possible at this time as per the official guidelines.

  • Immediate family or household/support bubble only is able to be photographed at one time. This is to adhere to the guidelines set by the government.

You can see a handy visual guide below:

Safety procedures outdoor family photography Oxfordshire

I am looking forward to being able to go back to work and capture memories for beautiful families. If lockdown taught us anything, it is that the most important and valuable things we have are our health and our family. Capture those precious memories, share the photographs with your loved ones.

Family outdoor photoshoots are great to capture your family's bond and your kids personalities. The way my family photography sessions work is very relaxed, no complicated, stiff, unnatural poses - I focus on capturing real connections, real smiles and relaxed photographs. Allowing kids be kids and capturing their personalities. Each and every family member is unique and together you form a beautiful tribe that has beautiful bond, and that is what I aim to photograph - your love, connection and happiness.

Outdoor family photographer Oxfordshire

I'm looking forward to seeing and capturing your smiley beautiful faces soon!

Family photographer Bicester, Oxfordshire

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