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Fun in the Sun: Top Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire

Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire

There's no denying it - Summer is here. And kid's school holidays are quickly approaching. And it can be quite daunting to plan days out and ways to entertain them. That's why I decided to put this blog post together, to help you plan summer full of fun summer activities for kids in Oxfordshire!

Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire
  1. Green fingers - gardening is such a rewarding hobby. It is good for both body and soul. Teaching your kids about plants and how to care for them will keep them occupied while also learning important life skills. You can create a little veg patch with them, or if you are pressed for space, plant a few pots or planters with flowers or vegetable. Start sunflowers from seed and watch your little one take care of their plants and grow with them.

  2. Pick your own - summer is the best time to visit farms offering pick your own services. There are many seasonal fruits on offer including delicious strawberries, and it is a fun day out for the whole family. There are many PYO farms in Oxfordshire: Millets Farm, Rectory Farm Oxford, Q Gardens Farm Shop, Peach Croft Farm, Perry Tree Farm... just to name a few.

Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire

3. Go on a plant identifying walk - jazz up your regular evening walk and turn it into a fun and educational activity by creating a list of plants for your kiddos to identify. Get them to find the plants, draw them and learn about their properties. I can guarantee they will sleep well after this stimulating activity.

4. Stargazing - on a lovely warm night, create nice dens in your garden and stay up all night with your kiddos star gazing. You can take this opportunity to teach them about different constellations and stars, or just to spend this time bonding and chatting away while enjoying the beautiful stars.

Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire

5. At-home festival party - summer and festivals come hand in hand. Why not put on a festival party for your kids, friends and family? Get wristbands made, plug in tv with concerts streaming, get snacks ready and enjoy a day of music and fun in your own garden.

6. Family photoshoot - did you ever realise you only have 18 summer holidays with your kiddos? Commemorate each with a family photoshoot! Fun, relaxed family photoshoots are perfect for capturing your summertime adventure.

7. Make a flower crown - the nature is booming with wildflowers at the moment and it is a perfect time to make flower crowns with your kids. Wheather you want to go simple with a simple daisy headband, or go full on midsommar headpiece, it's completely up to you and your kids. Get your creative juices flowing and create some beautful flower crowns.

Summer Activities for Kids in Oxfordshire

8. Make home-made ice cream - fun and yummy activity for the whole family. There are many recipes online on how to make your own ice cream, so just pick one you fancy and get making!

9. Board games night - I don't know about you, but some of my favourite summertime memories are of my family putting on a games night. Perhaps that's why I carry immense love for board gaming to adulthood. Prepare easy snacks and get a stack of your favourite board games out for a night of fun with the whole family.

10. Complete a Summer Bucket List - a way to keep your kiddos occupied and focused all summer is to create a bucket list of things they'd like to do, and work together throughout the holidays to tick off every single item! At the end of the holidays you can all sit down and reminiscence of the good times you had.



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