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My Paediatric First Aid awareness training with Early Years First Aid

When it comes to newborn photography there is nothing as important as safety. I make no compromises when safety of your little one is at question. I would much rather sacrifice "the perfect shot" than risk the comfort and safety of your baby.

In today's blog post I want to talk to you about safety in newborn photography and share my experience with Early Years First Aid paediatric training I have recently done with the amazing Sophie Lunn of Early Years First Aid.

Safety first

Newborn portraits are usually taken within 14 days following the little one's birth. In this time the babies are very delicate, fragile and vulnerable. It is therefore very important that your newborn photographer knows what they are doing and that they pose your newborn with safety and comfort in mind. It may come as a surprise to many, but photography is not a regulated industry and photographers are not obliged to have any safety or first aid training to photograph newborns and babies. I am very passionate about newborn safety in photography and wanted to be proactive. I wanted to make sure that parents are comfortable handing their baby over to me and having confidence their little one is handled with the upmost care during their portrait session, and so I have decided to train with Early Years First Aid to complete the Paediatric First Aid course.

Early Years First Aid was founded in June 2016 and it is run by Sophie covering Bicester and Oxfordshire area, Annabelle covering Buckinghamshire and Berkshire and Selina covering Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas.

This course will definitely bring peace of mind and important knowledge to all parents of babies and young children.

Early Years First Aid do not only train childcare professionals, but they also frequently run classes for parents which are extremely helpful especially for brand new parents, but even veteran mums and dads will benefit from their courses. The parental course covers all the basics including CPR, choking and also recognising signs of meningitis and other life threatening illnesses. This course will definitely bring peace of mind and important knowledge to all parents of babies and young children.

I have attended the Bicester class ran by Sophie and from the first moment I stepped into the room it was clear that Sophie is a very knowledgable professional, incredibly passionate about safety knowledge and teaching and spreading the awareness of importance of spotting early signs of childhood illnesses and injuries. She was very welcoming and thorough in her training, sharing her experience and knowledge with us, allowing us time to ask questions and take notes. She also let us have hands on experience practising the CPR technique for babies and toddlers, using her demonstration doll, and guided us through the steps how to correctly and safely do the procedure.

The course covered many important areas including choking. Sophie showed us how to stop a baby or a child from choking and safely clear the airwaves. This was particularly important to me to learn as I also photograph cake smash sessions.

Cake smashes, even though incredibly fun for babies, may possibly be a choking hazard. It was important for me to learn how to react to the, even though very unlikely, situation if a baby starts choking on a piece of cake during a session and what steps to do should such situation arise. This part of the course was an area of particular interest for parents. It is every parents worst nightmare to come into a room and see their precious baby choking. With Sophie's training you will have the peace of mind to handle the situation should it arise with knowledge and confidence, which many fellow attendees found priceless.

a serious disease in which there is inflammation of the meninges, caused by viral or bacterial infection, and marked by intense headache and fever, sensitivity to light, and muscular rigidity.

Sophie is also a passionate advocate of spreading meningitis awareness. Having sadly a personal experience with this awful illness, she was very through with describing to the class what signs and symptoms should they look out for and what the courses of actions should be if you are suspicious your little one may show early signs of meningitis.

Just like Sophie, I also believe every parent should be aware of the symptoms and how to recognise early signs of meningitis, as it is crucial to catch meningitis in early stages. Sophie works tirelessly at spreading the awareness and educating the public about this serious disease, often sharing many useful tips and meningitis awareness related posts on the Early Years First Aid facebook page.

Who does First Years Early Aid cater for?

  1. Childcare providers - 6 or 12hour paediatric first aid courses are available for childcare providers, covering many areas in accordance to the Ofsted syllabus.

  2. First aid courses for parents - 2 hour paediatric first aid awareness courses covering the important basics and providing parents with peace of mind and knowledge

  3. First aid at Work - Early Years First Aid also covers 3 day course for workplace in accordance with Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. They also provide a 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course which is suitable for lower risk workplaces

Keep your eyes out for the upcoming dates and times of the next courses - information can be found on Early Years First Aid website and Facebook page.

Which areas of the UK does Early Year First Aid cover?

  • Bedfordshire

  • Berkshire

  • Buckinghamshire

  • Hertfordshire

  • Oxfordshire  and surrounding areas

  • In house training is available UK wide - contact the trainers for more details

Learn more:

Telephone numbers:

Sophie: 07581 191 296

Annabelle: 07827 441 011

Selina: 07823 333 481

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