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Christmas Minis 2023 - Oxfordshire Christmas photoshoot

Christmas Photoshoot Oxfordshire

It's that time of year again, when the nature is changing and cooler days are coming - we can no longer ignore it. Christmas is coming!

And that means launching our annual Christmas Minis! This is what we've done last year:

This year I am preparing two brand new set ups! And I am so incredibly excited to share the concept designs with you:

Christmas Minis 2023

The first set up is ideal for timeless family portraits. It is a giant Christmas wreath with a big velvet bow and gifts and candles dotted around. I will be making the 2m wreath myself, and variety of props such as small wreath, Christmas baubles and other props will be provided. I am incredibly excited for this set up as it will provide elegant Christmas portraits you can proudly gift to your family and friends.

Christmas Minis 2023

The second set up will be so much fun! It will be a Christmas presents scene. Red background and piles of presents - with a special twist. The main attraction of this scene will be a big gift box that your kids can hide in and jump out of - resulting in some fund photos!

This year's minis will take place on 12th November at Arncott Village Hall, just outside of Bicester. It has a great car park and a playground outside, for a post-photoshoot little treat for your littles.

Christmas Minis 2023
Christmas Minis 2023

If you're interested in booking your Christmas Minis this year, please contact me with your preferred slot.

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