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Baby A with his bunnies - newborn photographer Oxfordshire

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

When baby A.'s mummy got in contact with me, she asked me if we could incorporate her pets in baby A.'s newborn photoshoot. Confident I have photographed newborn with their cats and dogs before, I enthusiastically agreed. Little did I know A's furry siblings are no cats or dogs - but absolutely adorable bunnies! I was so excited to capture these three together, they were an absolute dream to work with.

Newborn photography Oxfordshire

For safety reasons, I photographed the photos as a composite to ensure baby A is safe at all times. I was so lucky the bunnies - called Panda and Dandelion (how cute!!!) are so very well behaved and they posed like pros.

Newborn photography Oxfordshire

Baby A. was so good to me during his newborn session, zzzzing away all happy and cozy. He absolutely adored being swaddled. We went for nice neutral colours and props, keeping his photos nice and timeless with a little bit of a boho feel.

Newborn photography Oxfordshire

Here are some more favourites from baby A's session:


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