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Award winning newborn photographer Bicester - The Second Star Photography receives a bronze award!

I am so incredibly excited to share with you that I have recently entered an international photography competition and have been awarded a BRONZE AWARD!

I never intended entering a photography competition. My first and foremost goal is to create beautiful photographs for my clients, not to create images for competitions and judges. But as a photographer it is also incredibly important to keep evolving, pushing my limits and creativity, to be able to improve in my craft and also to find out where I stand among all the amazing, talented photographers out there.

That's why I have decided to put on my big girl pants and enter an international photography competition specialising in newborn and family photography with one of my favourite images I have taken this year.

This photograph, named Motherhood, was the only photograph I have entered into the competition and honestly I wasn't expecting it to score at all, because I didn't photograph this portrait exclusively for an award. This portrait was a capture from one of my photoshoots earlier in the year, I simply love the connection this beautiful mummy has with her baby boy. I artistically enhanced it with editing by drawing the skirt on to give the image more whimsical feel and entered it - and to my surprise and delight the image has scored a bronze award! I feel so incredibly humbled to have received my first photography award - especially since it is an international award with so many amazing photographers from all over the world entering with their beautiful art!

Thank you to everybody who has supported me and my photography business and booked their session with me, who trusted me to capture their most precious memories. It means so much and I am incredibly humbled to be chosen to capture your families.

Thank you to the RISE award judges for hosting such amazing competition and awarding me with a bronze award.

I am looking forward to what the future brings and hope to enter some more photography competitions to keep improving myself and my art.

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