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Antenatal education and classes in Bicester and Oxfordshire

If you are reading this post the chances are you are pregnant - huge congratulations! What an exciting chapter of your life has just begun. Exciting and in many cases it can also be very overwhelming. Especially first time parents can sometimes feel like they don't know where to find all the answers to their questions, some guidance and peace of mind when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy education Oxfordshire, Pregnancy photography Oxfordshire

In Oxfordshire we are so lucky to have some fabulous and varied antenatal classes available to help you guide you through your pregnancy and get you prepared for birth and parenthood. Here are a few fantastic antenatal classes and services available in Oxfordshire where you can learn some invaluable information and meet like-minded parents-to-be:

Blissful Birthing - KGHypnobirthing Classes in Bicester, Oxfordshire

Hypnobirthing antenatal classes Bicester, Oxfordshire

Location: Bicester, Oxfordshire (group classes), available to travel for 1-2-1 classes Services: Group hypnobirthing antenatal classes, 1-2-1 hypnobirthing antenatal class at home

Class information: 4 week courses, Thursdays from 6:30pm - 9:00pm

About: Run by experienced practicing midwife Rachel (you can find an interview with her in one of my previous blog posts here), this antenatal class is ideal for parents to be who are interested in learning about the option of hypnobirthing and who want to learn techniques to enjoy the experience of giving birth feeling relaxed, informed and supported. You will also learn techniques to help you achieve a positive gentle birth such as relaxation and breathing exercises. You will learn valuable information and gain the confidence as parents-to-be to enjoy this exciting path and achieve a positive birth - whatever type of birth that may be. You will learn how to release any fears you may have throughout pregnancy and about birth, build a support system and have a gentle birthing experience of your dreams. Blissful Birthing offers a 4 week programme and group classes take place in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Rachel also offers a private one to one hypnobirthing antenatal class in comfort of your home. If you are hoping to experience a kind and gentle birth equipped with wealth of information and support, Rachel's hypnobirthing classes may be the right class for you. Learn more & contact:


From Bumps to Babies - Vital, Honest and Realistic Antenatal Education in Bicester, Oxfordshire

Antenatal education Bicester, Oxfordshire

Location: Kingsmere Community Centre in Bicester, Oxfordshire Services: Group antenatal courses, private antenatal courses at home

Class information: 4 week group classes running on Mondays from 7:00pm-9:00pm

About: Experienced practicing midwife Lily (you can find an interview with her in one of my previous blog posts here) runs FromBumpsToBabies classes and shares with "her" parents-to-be wealth of information that will help them prepare for labour, birth and parenthood, helping them feel confident and able to make informed choices regarding their birth. She covers topics such as last stages of pregnancy, signs of beginning of labour, birth choices in Oxfordshire, pain relief options and alternatives, birth types and your preferences, techniques of pushing and breathing, infant feeding options, and postnatal care. Lily likes to share all the information in very honest and realistic way to help you feel prepared for the "real deal". Each week's lesson is focused on different stage of your pregnancy/birth/parenthood. If you are looking for realistic and honest advice and wealth of information to help you through your birth, Lily's classes are a great fit for you.

Learn more & contact:

Tel: 07749 653308


Birth Baby Balance - Doula services, antenatal and postnatal classes and support across Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire antenatal and baby classes, Oxfordshire doulas

Location: Various locations across Oxfordshire Services: Antenatal and post natal classes, doula services, mum and baby fitness, massage classes, placenta encapsulation, hypnobirthing, birth trauma workshops, baby and parent courses and more

Class information: various - visit website for information

About: Birth Baby Balance offers huge variety of classes, services and groups for parents and parents to be, including services for parents through the earliest stages of pregnancy, through birth and parenthood. Sarah, Charlotte and Kirsten are extremely passionate to provide amazing wealth of information and support to mums and dad throughout the whole journey and offer such a wide variety of services for everyone, including 6 week antenatal group classes, birth and postnatal doula services, postnatal classes, birth preparation classes at Cotswold Birth Centre, KGHypnobirthing classes, free early pregnancy class and many many more. Birth Baby Balance is the only private provider of wraparound care for parents to be and parents, from early stages of pregnancy to postnatal care, mum and baby groups and fitness classes. If you are looking for a top class care, guidance, knowledge and support throughout your pregnancy and parenthood, these three amazing ladies are just the right fit for you.

Learn more & contact:

Tel: Sarah - 07909 545484; Kirsten - 07825 727126; Charlotte - 07920 774705

Other resources:

NHS website - The NHS website offers plenty of information on how to find the suitable antenatal class that is right for you.

Find a Doula website - if you are looking for a private birth support in a form of doula, this website's directory may help

Community midwife teams - contact: Banbury: 01295 229190

Bicester: 01869 243763

Blenheim (city): 01865 220457

Chipping Norton: 01608 697930

Isis (city): 01865 779284

Witney: 01993 708742

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