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The journey from bumps to babies - an interview with qualified midwifeLily of Frombumpstobabies

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I was so lucky to get an opportunity to catch up with Lily, a qualified and practicing midwife, and a founder and an natal coach of Frombumpstobabies. In this interview, Lily shares her knowledge and some useful tips for expecting parents.

Antenatal classes Bicester

Q: Hello Lily. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. How did your journey as a midwife and antenatal coach began and what choose this admirable career path?

Lily: Hi Klara, I decided I wanted to be a midwife from a very young age. I naturally have always wanted to look after people, it makes me feel happy. I started my training at 18 in Sheffield Hallam University in 2011.

Q: Please introduce Frombumpstobabies. How did the idea of starting antenatal

coaching come along and what are your plans for the future?

Lily: In this area of Oxfordshire the NHS offer antenatal classes for first time parents but as these are free they are often fully booked. I felt the need for a practical, realistic and honest antenatal course ran by a qualified midwife. I have knowledge of the current guidelines we use as health professionals in the hospital and I am experienced in looking after mothers and babies pre, during and post birth.

Q: What are the benefits of antenatal classes to parents-to-be?

Lily: I think if you educate yourself about all the possible outcomes and circumstances that having a baby can bring, you eliminate that grey area of the “unknown”. The feeling of not knowing what to expect can be so frightening. If you come to my course you will get all the knowledge and experienced passed over to you and your partner and I am sure you will feel much more comfortable. Instead of feeling anxious or apprehensive about your pregnancy and birth I can help you be relaxed and excited! I am on hand during the rest of the pregnancy and post-natal period for any questions or worries you have.

Q: What are the main topics you cover during your classes?

Lily: In the first week we cover the last stage of pregnancy and labour, the second week covers giving birth and the different scenarios that may occur. The third class is based around infant feeding and we cover breastfeeding in depth and the fourth class is about baby care: bathing, clothing, sleeping, what to expect. My course will cover everything you need!

Q: What do you think about current public antenatal healthcare in the UK and what do you

think could be changed/improved?

Lily: In the UK we are so lucky to have the National Health Service that is free to use. I know there are long waiting lists for some things and often people complain about the negatives but personally I think we are doing the best they can. We are so short staffed so to give the care we want to passionately give; having more midwives would take the strain off. This would allow us more time with each family.

Q: What is the one advice you always tell new parents in regards with handling their new baby?

Lily: Babies can sense when you are anxious or nervous, so be confident and hold them with

confidence. This will make your baby feel more secure than if they feel that they could be

dropped. Sit down if you feel more relaxed.

Q: Let’s talk postpartum care. Do you also cover this in your classes?

Lily: Yes! I cover the postnatal period in detail. You need to know what to expect, how you might feel, what is normal and also what is not normal. You need to know when to ask for help and who to ask. I cover all of this.

Q: When and where do you host your classes?

Lily: My classes run on a monthly basis. They are every Monday 7-9pm at Kingsmere community Centre in Bicester. Depending on your due date you would book onto the course that started in the month that you were 26-28 weeks approx.

Q: If you could only give mums-to-be 1 advice regarding labour and delivery, what would it be?

Lily: Scrap the “birth plan”. Your baby has no idea about the plan and it certainly will not purposely follow it. Take advice from your friends and family and partner. The midwives will also offer you support and advice throughout; have some preferences of what you would like to do, for e.g: “I would like entonox as a pain relief”. Writing or thinking things like “I will not be having an epidural under any circumstances” can be deemed as unhelpful as it limits your options – be open minded!

Q: If you could summarise Frombumpstobabies in one word only, what would it be?


For more information visit Lily's facebook page:

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