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Sip & See party may become a new trend due to Covid-19

What is a sip and see party? This concept isn't new - in fact, in many countries around the world it is just as popular and well known as baby shower, but here in the UK it isn't very common for parents to throw a Sip and See party - or at least they may not call it that.

Sip and See party is a party or family and friends gathering held after the birth of your baby and it is often the very first event that mum and baby attend and meet wider family and friend circle. It is a great opportunity to introduce the newest family member completely on your own terms and in one day.

With many parents sadly missing out on baby shower celebrations due to lockdown restrictions, it may be a good idea to consider throwing a Sip and See party as an alternative once it is safe to do so as it is a great opportunity to see family and friends, socialise and introduce your newest addition to them all - all in one day. With Covid-19 restrictions limiting gatherings and family and friend visits during the pandemic, Sip and See parties may just grow in popularity once restrictions and social distancing is lifted and those who sadly missed out on celebrating their baby in a baby shower can enjoy a Sip and See party with their nearest and dearest.

How to throw a successful Sip and See party?

Sip and See parties don't have to be pompous with tonnes of decorations and fancy venues - in fact you can ever host a beautiful Sip and See party in comfort of your own home! Get few decorations, nibbles and drinks together, pick a date and guest list and enjoy the family and friends coming to celebrate you and your new family member.

If you don't feel up to the task, you can delegate a trusty friend or a family member to organise one for you - or even better, if you have a friend who had missed out on a baby shower due to the pandemic, why not organise a surprise Sip and See party for them?

You can go as big or as small as you'd like - the sky is your limit. Some parents may choose to wait until all restrictions are lifted and may wish to hire a venue, decorate it, have cakes, nibbles, cocktails and activities, event photographer and more; while others may prefer to throw a more intimate Sip and See party in comfort of their home with closest circle of family and friends once we are allowed to do so.

If you like the idea of a Sip and See party, here are a few tips that may help you organise a party of your dreams:

Start planning early - I know that planning without any set date and the uncertainty of things may be difficult right now, and that you can't organise the main things such as date and venue, but you can start with planning your guest list, what food you'd like to serve, decorations etc.

Shop local - many small local businesses have been particularly hit by the pandemic and so it may be a good idea to support small local businesses and getting your supplies, decorations and food locally. There are fabulous event planners in Bicester such as Pink Panda Events or In Our Hands Events that do fabulous balloon party decorations and venue decor among others, as well as many amazing catering companies, cake makers and more.

Hire a photographer - this may be for many families the very first time they will get to see their newest family member and these are definitely memories you want to keep forever. It will probably be incredibly emotional and beautiful for especially grandparents to be able to hold their new grandchild for the very first time, so you may wish to have these moments captured by a professional.

Think about your and baby's outfit - it may not be the most important right now, but having something to look forward to is very beneficial for our mental health and so you may wish to start putting together an outfit for you and your little one, it may help you feel distracted from all the doom and gloom going on around the world right now and bring some positivity and normality to your day.

Start a Pinterest board - gather all your inspiration and best ideas in a moodboard so you have a starting point and an idea of which style you want your Sip and See party to be in. There are many amazing pins and posts on there to help you feel inspired and host your own Sip and See.

Have you heard of a Sip and See party before? Are you planning to throw one once restrictions are lifted, to introduce your little one to your loved ones? Feel free to discuss under this post in the comments, or in our private Lockdown Babies Support group on Facebook.


Klara from The Second Star Photography is an award winning pregnancy, newborn and family photographer serving Bicester and surrounding areas in Oxfordshire providing baby photography, newborn photography and family photography in Oxfordshire.

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