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Oxfordshire's 2019 Top 20 Baby names - their origin and meaning

Are you expecting the arrival of your little newborn and wonder what the most popular names our county are? Where do they come from and what do they mean?

I have looked at the top ten 2019 baby names in Oxfordshire for each gender and researched their meaning so you

don't have to:

Oxfordshire Top 10 Baby Boy Names 2019

Oxfordshire baby names
  1. Muhammad - Arabic origin, means "praiser of God"

  2. Noah - Hebrew origin, means "comfort, rest"

  3. George - Greek origin, means "farmer, earthworker"

  4. Oliver - Latin origin, means "olive tree"

  5. Charlie - English origin, means "free man"

  6. Harry - English origin, means "home ruler"

  7. Leo - Greek origin, means "lion"

  8. Arthur - English origin, means "bear"

  9. Jack - Hebrew origin, means "God of gracious"

  10. Freddie - German origin, means "peace and power"

Oxfordshire's Top 10 Baby Girl Names 2019

Oxfordshire mum to be
  1. Olivia - Latin origin, means "olive tree"

  2. Sophia - Greek origin, means "wisdom"

  3. Lily - Latin origin, means "pure flower"

  4. Ava - German origin, means "bird"

  5. Mia - Greek origin, means "ocean goddess or queen"

  6. Isla - Scottish origin, means "island"

  7. Amelia - German origin, means "industrious"

  8. Freya - Scandinavian origin, means "goddess of love, fertility and beauty"

  9. Isabella - Italian origin, means "devoted to God"

  10. Emily - Latin origin, means "eager"


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