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First birthday celebration ideas - Cake Smash, Birthday photoshoot, Milk bath and more!

Wow, you made it! A whole year of feeds, dirty nappies, crying, sleepless nights, but also of unconditional love, amazing memories, little milestones, first smiles, cuddles and laughter. First birthday of your little one is definitely a huge milestone worth celebrating! Here are a few tips how to make your little one's 1st birthday special and unforgettable!

You have planned the most amazing birthday party for your little one - the venue was dressed beautifully, decorated with stunning banners and balloons in your and your baby's favourite colours, the cake tasted - and looked- fantastic, presents were wrapped and opened and the day went by in a blink of an eye. But when the presents are opened, candle blown and balloons go down, you have beautiful memories to keep but what about your little one? They will most likely not remember it. That's where photographs come into play.

Professional portraits of your little birthday girl or birthday boy are memories that will last forever and can be enjoyed by your whole family and what more - your little one will be able to look back at these portraits and see what they looked like and what they liked when they were one year old! When it comes to photo sessions to celebrate your baby's first birthday, there are a few options:

Cake Smash & Splash Photoshoot

Cake Smash photoshoots gained popularity especially in the recent few years. Cake Smashes are a fun way for your little one to celebrate their special day, smashing and eating a tasty cake and splashing in a tub overflowing with bubbles. It's a great opportunity to capture sweet smiles and the pure joy of your little one year old. Cake Smash sessions can be fully customisable specifically for your birthday boy or birthday girl, featuring their favourite colours and themes.

First Birthday Photoshoot

If you are not so much into the latest craze of the cake smashes, but still want to capture this special, memorable time of your baby's life, the 1st Birthday portrait session may be ideal for you. Each birthday scene is dressed up using your favourite colours to create a bespoke, beautiful set up for your little one. Capturing your birthday boy's or birthday girl's portraits is always great fun and I focus at capturing their personality. Up to 2 outfit changes are allowed and you may wish to add a milk/fruit bath or a bubble bath to get wider variety.

Milk bath photoshoot

If you are looking for something a little bit different than the classical cake smash & splash or birthday portrait session, the milk bath is a unique way to celebrate your little one's 1st birthday. You can upgrade any Cake Smash session or Birthday session with a Milk Bath set up, or book a stand alone Milk Bath session, celebrating your breastfeeding journey, or just creating a beautiful natural portraits with flowers and a tub filled with milk. Outdoor or indoors, the milk bath portraits are a unique way to celebrate your little one's birthday.

Fruit bath photoshoot

An alternative to Milk Bath session, our Fruit Bath session is a perfect way to capture your little baby enjoying a splash in a tub filled with water and their favourite fruit. Anywhere from citrus to watermelon or strawberries, the Fruit Bath can take place either outdoor or indoors to create some fun, unique portraits for you and your family to treasure forever.

No matter how you celebrate, 1st birthday is a memorable day in your and your baby's life and I hope you will enjoy this amazing day and create memories to last lifetime.

For pricing & information on my birthday photoshoots and available packages, please see my website HERE.

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