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Exist in photographs for your children

Updated: Mar 25

As a parent, you will probably take hundreds and thousands of photographs of your children, perhaps your partner with your kids but be honest with yourself - how many photos do you actually have of yourself with the kids? And I don't mean selfies that you quickly managed to snap. I mean actual meaningful moments captured of you and your kiddos.

Mother and child photography Oxfordshire

Do you exist in photographs?

You might capture those moments for your partner with your kids, but do you have any of yourself? Or of your whole entire family? Oftentimes, parents are so busy capturing these moments of their children that they forget to actually be in the photographs too. When you're little, you don't remember everything. I certainly don't - my friends and family say I have the memory of a goldfish. Having photos from that time might end up being the only way of remembering those special moments of their childhood. But if you're not in the photos, how will they remember you were part of that memory? How will they remember the love and feeling, the memory making experience that formed your relationship if they don't have this little reminder of time past?

Family photography Oxfordshire

I am incredibly grateful to my family for capturing everything on our old film camera, ever since I was a little baby. They realised the importance of existing in photos so when I flip through those photographs, it springs back the memories in my mind. While looking at the photos, I remember the laughter, the kisses and cuddles, the happy memories we shared. Have they had only photographed me and my brother, I don't think my experience remembering would be so wholesome. I certainly wouldn't remember the feeling. I might have remembered the day, the activity, but I wouldn't remember how they made me feel. I am so eternally grateful that my parents always ensured to be in the photos. It's an additional piece of memories I have and once I am old and they are no longer here, I will always have this to hold onto.

Family photography Oxfordshire

Create a legacy of your family

Photographs are a inheritance of memories, a treasured moments frozen in time for decades and generations to come. It is important to exist in them. Don't worry if your hair isn't perfect, if you're not wearing your best clothes, if you perhaps feel like you are carrying few extra pounds - trust me, when you and your child look back at those photographs, none of this will matter. Your kid won't care about what you may see as imperfect hair, clothes or weight - all they will care about is the immense feeling of love, happiness and connection they will be able to re-live thanks to this memory. They will always be perfect, because it will be a memory of you, of the time spent together, of the feelings and giggles and love.

"Exist in photographs - for your children, for yourself, for the people that love you." - Sue Bryce
Family photography Oxfordshire

That's why family portraiture is so important. It creates a legacy and memories for your children, something to look back at, relive the moments and pass on these precious memories to younger generations. Because one day, those photographs will be one of the few things your kids will have left of you. Those precious memories will be the most cherished possession they own.

I am so incredibly grateful to my family that they snapped and snapped away, even if the moment seemed insignificant at that time, and that they made sure they are in the photos. Thanks to them, I have so many amazing photographs of family members who are no longer with us, these treasured physical pieces of memories I get to relive again and again, keeping them alive in my memories. If I could only rescue one physical item from a burning house, it would be my box of photographs. Forget jewellery, tech, electronics,... The most treasured possession I would save would be those cherished memories, prints of photographs with corners bent so many times from constantly flipping through them, family albums with pages turned more times than I could count.

Items can always be replaced, but moments like these can't be replaced or reproduced. The moments come and they are gone in a blink of an eye - don't let them pass by without being documented.
Family photography Oxfordshire

Get in the photos, mums and dads!

Very often when my clients come book their session, they want photos of their babies - especially when it comes to newborn photography. Unfortunately many say they only want photos of their baby - and I get it, I really do. So shortly after giving birth, you simply don't feel like having your picture taken. The sleepless nights, emotional rollercoaster and adjusting to the new newborn routine can definitely take its toll on the way you may see ourselves and most importantly how you may feel. You may worry about looking exhausted, about your hair not being styled to perfection... But bare with me here.

Don't let these momentary feelings and worries (trust me, you're doing and looking fantastic!) impact how your kids will remember you. Your kids will thank you one day. I promise you I will do my best to make you look and feel beautiful.

I always try to gently encourage those reluctant parents to let me take at least one family picture - "you don't have to choose them for your final selection if you don't like them, but if you feel up for it let's at least try it". Most of them agree - and so far all of them ended up loving those family portraits the most and being their favourites!

Family photography Oxfordshire

I know not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera - that's why my approach is very relaxed and emotion based. I gently guide you into a pose and using prompts I will try to spark an emotion, a genuine beautiful smile, capture the love and bond you have as a family. The sessions are completely at your pace, ensuring you feel comfortable and happy throughout.

And as in for my outdoor family sessions and my lifestyle newborn sessions, they are a whole another story. These sessions are storytelling, lifestyle sessions - capturing your family's bond through unposed portraits. They are very much emotion based. I let kids be kids, play, explore, have fun; I often act like a fly on the wall with only gentle prompt posing and capture the natural interactions and love you all share as a family.

Capture those important milestones and family memories. Exist in photographs for your kids and future generations. Make the memories and exist in them. Create a legacy.
Family photography Oxfordshire
Family photography Oxfordshire

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera or phone, or book one of my sessions for professional portraits to decorate your walls. Capture those important milestones and family memories. Exist in photographs for your kids and future generations. Make the memories and exist in them. Create a legacy. I can help with that.

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