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Cool ways to announce your pregnancy

Updated: Mar 25

pregnancy announcement ideas

For a long time, you have been keeping the most precious secret. And now the time has come and you want to share the exciting news with your nearest and dearest. But how?

This special secret deserves to be delivered in a special way. Let's look at some cool ways to announce your pregnancy:

Get a family member (older sibling or pet) to announce for you - if you already have an older sibling or a pet, you can always include them in your pregnancy announcement. Big brother/big sister pending t-shirts are a sweet way to break the news to your friends and family.

pregnancy announcement ideas

Say it with a picture - pregnancy announcement photoshoots are getting more and more popular nowadays. It creates a wonderful memory and a special way to share your best kept secret with the world. If you'd like to book a pregnancy announcement photoshoot, please get in touch.

A letter from your grandbaby - to break the news to grandparents to be, you can write a sweet hand written letter addressed to the grandparents from your baby. It will create a beautiful keepsake they will treasure forever.

A cup of surprise - have a personalised cup or mug made that at the bottom says "we're pregnant!" - as your loved ones sip away, it will reveal your message and create a lovely surprise!

pregnancy announcement ideas

Christmas bauble - if you are about to break the news around Christmas time, why not have a personalised Christmas bauble with baby feet made and sneak it on the Christmas tree. Then wait for people to notice!

"Survival Kit" - if you want a funny way to break the news to your family, why not create a survival kit consisting of nappies, dummy's, muslin cloths, baby wipes and of course coffee - for surviving those sleepless nights.

Scratch off card - many sellers now sell personalised scratch off cards which can be personalised with a message. It's a unique and fun way to share the news with your friends and family.

Fortune cookies - ask your local bakery to make you personalised fortune cookies with a pregnancy announcement. Next time you have a take away, you can hand them out and watch people's faces light up with surprise.

pregnancy announcement ideas

Say it with a pizza - if you like cooking, let your creativity take the reign and design and make your own pizza with toppings spelling your message.

Bumpkin - if you are planning to break the news around Halloween time, why not host a pumpkin carving party in your home? You can carve a baby in your pumpkin and wait and see how quickly your guests will catch on.

Baby on board badge - a subtle way to announce your pregnancy is next time you travel by train, wear the baby on board badge and see how quickly will your loved ones notice.

Ultrasound puzzle - have personalised puzzle made for your loved ones to complete, revealing your ultrasound.

pregnancy announcement ideas

Personalised wine label - next time you head out to a dinner party, announce your pregnancy with personalised wine label. You can be obvious stating "baby coming" or you can play it a little bit more coy and use something like "I can't drink this but you can".

Sweet surprise - have personalised box of chocolates made, saying "we're expecting!". There will be no sweeter way to surprise your friends and family than this.

Bun puns - the classic. You can hand out little buns in gift boxes to your loved ones and wait and see who will be the first one to put two and two together.

pregnancy announcement

Playlist - next time you host a family gathering, create a playlist with baby themed songs. Ice ice baby anyone?

Tell it with a comic - if you are artsy, you can create your own comic about your relationship, with the last page announcing the pregnancy! Or find a local artist who will help you create one.

There is no right or wrong way to announce pregnancy. The most important thing is it feels authentic to you as a couple. These are just a few ideas, but the sky is your limit when it comes to creative ways to announce you're expecting.

How did you announce your pregnancy? Let me know!


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