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Tips for camera shy parents - exist in your newborn portraits without actually posing in them

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I often talk about how important it is for parents to exist in photographs for their offsprings. It is a topic I am very passionate about - I am in fact preparing a blog post about why I do what I do and where my business' philosophy is coming from, what inspires me and pushes me to create family and newborn portraits that are hopefully treasured by generations to come and why it is so important to exist in photographs. But I also am a human who is insecure and believe it or not, very camera shy, so I completely get it why parents can feel slightly apprehensive when it comes to posing in their newborn family portraits - especially only few days after your precious little newborn has been born.

In today's blog post I would like to inspire and encourage some camera shy, self conscious parents to still part take in their little one's newborn portraits, without actually having to be posing in them.

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I know it sounds like such a cliche - and you have probably heard this so many times already - but it really is true: the newborn stage flies by so fast! And even from day to day your baby will change and grow and before you know it, you will have a little toddler running around. And as your baby starts growing, you will find yourself trying to remember what it was like when they were so little they could fit in the palm of your hand.

I always encourage parents to participate in their newborn sessions, not only for them to have this amazing memory of them with their tiny miracle, but also for their children. There are so many different ways how we can incorporate you in the photograph without you physically posing for the camera. You may be overflowing with wind whirl of emotions, sleep deprived, not feel like yourself so shortly after birth - these emotions are all completely understandable and posing for the camera may seem like such a daunting task. There are so many ways how we can incorporate you in your newborn session and your portraits without you physically posing and putting on a smile when you feel like falling asleep right there and then.

Incorporating just your and your partner's hands is a great way how to incorporate you in the portrait without making you feel uncomfortable, yet it will give you a beautiful portrait as a reminder how tiny your newborn was when they were just few days old.

Oxfordshire baby photoshoot

When your baby grows up, they will have this beautiful opportunity to look back and see the connection you shared as a family when they were so small. And that is priceless.

Existing for your children in photographs is so important. I often focus on capturing connection between parents and baby and so if you are very nervous about showing your face in the photograph, I can pose you in a way the focus isn't on you but you still have the portrait that you and your family can treasure.

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For example in this portrait above, the main focus is on the sweet newborn girl and the love her father has for her, without revealing his face. It makes a beautiful portrait she will definitely treasure forever without dad having to awkwardly pose for the camera.

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I will never force you into photographs you do not want to have, it is so very important for me that you will have an enjoyable experience and feel completely at ease and confident, but I hope that this blog post may have introduced you to some possibilities you may want to consider even if you are camera shy.

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For information on my newborn sessions you can visit my website HERE or CONTACT ME directly to discuss your requirements. I am now booking 2020 due dates and have a very limited availability for the rest of 2019.


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