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Teeny tiny baby E : Newborn and family photographer Bicester, Oxfordshire

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

It is my greatest pleasure to share some portraits from this adorable little lady's newborn portrait session. Both her and her big two year old brother rocked their session and completely wrapped me around their tiny fingers.

newborn photographer Bicester

Toddlers can be a little challenging to photograph sometimes. They have their own mind and it is hard to get them to do what you want them to do - if anything it makes them want to do it even less! Every toddler has different personality and I always try to work with what they are comfortable with. I had no reason to worry though, because this little man was an absolute rockstar. He was interested in the whole process and even helped to pick out headbands for his baby sister. You could tell he absolutely adores his little sister so very much and for their sibling portraits he was holding her proudly, sharing some adorable smiles with me and the camera. Even baby E smirked for the sibling portrait - they were a perfect duo to photograph!

newborn photographer Bicester

When a sibling, especially such young one, is present for the newborn portrait session, I always aim to get the sibling and family portraits done first so that the rest of the family can get on with the rest of the day. When the family portion of the session was done, we focused entirely at baby E and her newborn portraits. She was such a dreamy baby, sleeping for most of her session.

newborn photography Oxfordshire


newborn photographer Bicester, Oxfordshire

For newborn session information and pricing, please visit my website HERE or GET IN TOUCH to discuss your newborn session in comfort of your own home.

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