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Unique gender reveal ideas

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

If you want to announce and reveal the gender of your baby to your friends and family, but find the usual gender reveal smoke bombs, coloured cakes or confetti balloons a bit overdone, this blog post may be just for you. Here I have put together some very unique ideas for gender reveal!

Gender reveal ideas

Gender Scratch Cards

If you sadly had to cancel your gender reveal party due to the new "rule of 6" restriction, but you still want to announce the gender of your little one in a fun and unique way, gender reveal scratch cards are a fabulous idea. There are so many wonderful designs and styles on websites like Etsy or Ebay, or if you are tech and design savvy, you can even design your own! The options are limitless.

Baby booties

Lovely idea for avid knitters - have somebody who loves to knit to knit you baby booties in either pink or blue for a gender reveal. This is great as you can always keep the booties as a lovely keepsake.

Gender reveal/secret message spool

Another fabulous and unique idea is to reveal the gender of your baby by sending your loved ones a secret message spool. You can have a personalised message printed on this little unique keepsake and have your loved ones unwrap the secret and find out what gender the newest addition to the family is! The gender reveal secret message spools are handmade to order by a small business Sarita's Treasures based in Wales and they each come beautifully wrapped and with a dried real flower and a cute little bell! Perfect for romantic souls and rustic style lovers.

Gender reveal nesting dolls

I found this interesting and unique idea on Etsy, but if you are crafty I am sure you can easily make these on your own. Get some plain wooden nesting dolls and some paint and paint each doll with the smallest doll revealing the gender of your baby. You can then send these dolls to family members or friends for a unique gender reveal.

Gender reveal bonfire

You may like to do this especially if you are revealing the gender of your baby in Autumn. Get a bonfire going and reveal your baby's gender in style by changing the flames colour to reveal if your newest addition is a boy or a girl. You can change the colour of the flames by adding the copper or calcium chloride for blue flames, and lithium chloride for pink flames. You can find mystical fire colorant packets on Amazon, eBay or other websites.

Socially distanced gender reveal cookie deliveries

With the limit being thrown upon social gatherings, the chances are you may feel that the best way to announce the gender of your baby to friends and family in a socially distanced way. This is also a great way to reveal the gender to loved ones who live further away. Why not order and have deliver some beautiful biscuits with gender reveal icing? There are some amazing bakers in Bicester who do beautiful custom designs - for example Laura's Little Cupcake Co.

Do you have any other unique gender reveal ideas? Share them in the comments under this post to inspire other expecting parents.

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