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The Little Fairytales photography project

I like a challenge. I think it is very important for every photographer to focus on their creativity and push their boundaries, so I have decided that in 2018 I will work on a new creative project - The Little Fairytales project.

I always loved stories and fairy tales. And what better way to raise my creative spirit than combining two of my passions! In the early January 2018 I created a plan to photograph 12 babies during 12 months, featuring 12 different fairy tales.

First quarter of my project has been completed so I decided to tell you a bit more about them.

In January I photographed a sweet little Poppy who was the perfect little Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The colour yellow and roses were a must for a Beauty and the Beast photoshoot!

Sleeping beauty photoshoot

In February I photographed sweet little Oliver who was a Peter Pan. Peter Pan is one of my all time favourite stories (afterall, we are called The Second Star Photography) and I was really looking forward to creating a photograph featuring my childhood hero.

Peter Pan newborn photography

In March I have photographed little Katie who was an amazing Snow White. She had so much fun during her session and loved all the apples around her!

Snow White toddler photography

I had so much fun photographing the three sessions and cannot wait to photograph the upcoming fairy tales. Here's a list of all the fairy tales I will be photographing as part of my project:

The Little Fairytales

If you'd like to have your little one photographed in a magical fairy tale style and you comply with the requirements (age, gender), please apply HERE.

As a thank you for your time you will receive a free photography session in comfort of your home (applicable to Bicester and surrounding villages only) and a complimentary 10"x8" luxury mounted print.

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