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Luxury products vs. digital images on USB

All of my packages include beautiful products as well as high resolution digital images. Why? - you may ask. In today's blog post I would like to explain why I believe you deserve to have your beautiful images displayed in the most luxurious way on bespoke unique products, and why they are better than digitals.

Wall art panel
This beautiful 18" diameter wooden wall art circle panel (part of our newborn Natural Collection) is a beautiful, luxurious and unique wall art piece that will look fantastic on your walls.

Stunning wooden wall art circle panel, beautiful wooden keepsake box with stunning fine art prints, luxurious family heirloom album, a beautiful museum grade canvas... These just a few examples of beautiful products I offer as part of my newborn Collections.

Beautiful products mean your images will be displayed in the most perfect way for you and your family and friends to enjoy them at their best. They will be enjoyed and loved by generations. They will become the centrepiece of your home. You can't do that with a USB...

Digital images also have much shorter life span. Files can get corrupted or deleted by accident. Top quality prints and products last decades and generations.

What more, it is something you can actually physically FEEL. Once you hold your images in print, you can truly feel and relive the moment. Having this piece of memory on a top quality paper with beautiful colours and textures, that is what makes the whole experience of having your photographs taken truly amazing.

Flipping through the pages of your newborn album will help you re-live the moment when your baby was so tiny it perfectly fit in your hand. These memories will now live forever on the most beautiful paper, in a perfect little book you can keep forever. That is the true reason why you should hire a professional photographer - to provide you with exactly this feeling of holding an amazing product which can take you back in time so you can re-live the moment and emotions.

Of course I know that we live in a digital world where everyone wants to share their images online. That's why I include high resolution digital images in each and one of my Collections, to get digital photographs to share with friends and family, as well as stunning pieces of wall art or product that you can proudly display around your home.

Each of my products are of the highest quality and many of my products have bespoke hand crafted finish. For example my special Deckled Edge prints which are part of The Keepsake Collection are printed on a fine art quality cotton rag paper with a hand crafted finish - each and every photo's edge is deckled by hand to create unique finish to your images. I have carefully selected each product that goes into my Collections to provide you with a variety of amazing products with the most exquisite quality that will suit your needs.

If you have any questions or enquiries about my Collections or products, please feel free to CONTACT ME.

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