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Newborn safety practices

As a newborn photographer I take safety of my little clients incredibly seriously. I have summarised the main practices and rules I always follow within a session to ensure your little ones are always safe and comfortable:

1. Clean props and accessories

  • All my props are cleaned after each session and then again right before the next session to ensure your little one is safe from any possible germs.

  • All blankets, wraps and any other accessories are always washed using gentle washing powder. I do not use fabric conditioners as some newborns have extremely sensitive skin which may be easily irritated by some fabric conditioners (even the ones marketed as "Sensitive skin friendly").

2. Only safe props

  • I carefully select each prop for my sessions with newborn's safety in mind. If the prop doesn't seem safe, I always do a composite (merge two photographs in photoshop).

  • All wooden props are sanded to be as smooth as possible.

  • Newborns never lay directly in or on a prop - all props are safely and comfortably padded with several blankets, wraps and furs to ensure maximum comfort of your little one.

3. No germs please

  • I frequently use gentle hand sanitisers (I go through numerous of packs each week) during each session.

  • If I don't feel 100% or feel like a cold might be creeping in, I will always postpone the session.

  • As mentioned above I keep all my props and accessories as clean as possible.

  • A spotter (person who watches and holds the baby safely in place while I am taking the shots) is always used while working with props to ensure that baby is safe at all times. This is usually a family member.

4. Posing

  • Each baby is different, has different flexibility and feels comfortable in different poses. I will carefully assess your baby's capabilities at the beginning of the session before I start posing them.

  • If a baby isn't comfortable in a particular pose, I will switch to another pose within my workflow. There is no need to upset the baby just to get "the shot".

  • In some more advanced poses I always use a spotter. The spotter keeps baby safe and in place and makes them feel more secure.

  • Startle reflex is natural for newborns. I always ensure that either myself or the spotter have "hands on" on the baby to prevent any possible injuries or accidents.

  • Poses such as "potato sack" or "Froggy" will only be attempted as a composite. Some babies are not able to achieve poses such as the "Froggy" in which case I will not force the baby into the pose to prevent any injuries or discomfort.

5. Parents wellbeing

  • To keep the babies sleepy and comfortable, the room temperature is fairly high. It is important that parents stay well hydrated during my sessions.

  • I always keep in mind that new mums have recently been through labour or had a C-section and frequently check throughout the session if they are comfortable or need a break.

These are my basic rules I follow within each session. While searching for a newborn photographer it is incredibly important that you hire a photographer who follows basic newborn safety rules to allow for stress-free and enjoyable session with photographs you will cherish forever.

If you'd like to know more about my sessions feel free to visit my website here.

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