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Introducing Newborn Mini Sessions - The Swaddled Mini Star

Welcoming a new baby is such a magical and life changing chapter of your life. However the first few days and weeks can be very challenging - getting used to everything, the sleepless nights... it is so easy to miss the ideal time for a full newborn session. Welcoming a new baby can also be a strain on the family's budget. If you have missed the ideal window for newborn portraits (under 3 weeks of baby's age) but you are still wanting to capture your beautiful baby in some professional, timeless images; or if you just want a couple of lovely portrait of your little one without enjoying the full newborn session experience, the brand new Newborn Mini Sessions may just be the right fit for you.

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Swaddled Mini session vs. full newborn portrait session

What are the main differences between the full newborn sessions and the swaddled mini session? For starters, one of the main differences is the length of your session. Typical newborn session can last anywhere between 2-4hrs, allowing plenty of time for settling the baby to sleep, feeding the baby, changes of set ups and poses, colours and looks; while the Swaddled Mini session is short and sweet, only lasting up to 1hr. Another clue is in the name: during the Swaddled Mini Session your precious bundle of joy spends the entire time cozy and wrapped up. The mini session includes 2 prop set ups and your little baby is wrapped up the entire time, allowing them to stay happy and content throughout the short newborn mini session. And if your little one doesn't feel like sleeping, I ensure to capture their beautiful bright eyes and sweet cherub faces during their mini session while they are securely swaddled.

Another big difference between the full newborn session and the mini session is the fact that family portraits with parents and siblings are not included in the swaddled mini session - this session purely focuses on your little one in the swaddled prop set ups.

Newborn photography Bicester

Suitable even for older "newborns"

If you have missed the newborn phase with your baby being between 3-8 weeks old and you don't want to miss out on having newborn style portraits taken of your little gem, the Swaddled Mini Session may be ideal for you. Due to the nature of this session your older baby up to 8 weeks can still be captured as a newborn, without forcing them into poses they naturally may no longer find comfortable. The wrap keeps babies content and will help to achieve newborn style images even for slightly older babies.

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Available for Bicester & surrounding villages only

This mini session is available to families located in Bicester and surrounding villages. The session takes place in comfort of your own home so you don't need to worry about traveling to a studio. I bring all equipment and wraps, all you need to do before the session to give your little one a little feed and we are ready to capture some beautiful portraits of your sweet little cherub.

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Sleepy or awake?

It does not matter! One of the beauties of the wrap is the fact it makes babies feel comfortable and cozy, allowing them to fully relax. It mimics the feeling they had in the womb which many babies find soothing. Even if your little one remains awake throughout their mini session, the wrap will help to keep them content.

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How many images will I receive?

The wrapped up mini session comes with 5 high resolution digital images supplied via digital download, but if you fall in love with more than the 5 complimentary images in your password protected, private viewing gallery, you can purchase additional images or some of our wall art products or prints after your session should you wish.

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A great alternative for families on a budget

One of the reasons why I decided to introduce the newborn mini session is because I am aware how expensive becoming a parent can be. Full newborn portrait session can simply be out of budget for some families. That doesn't however mean that they should be robbed of the luxury and unforgettable memories of having professional newborn portraits done of their little one. The Swaddled Mini Star package is only £159.00, making it a great value package for any family.

For more details on this package, and other available newborn packages, please contact me or visit my website HERE.

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