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Floral Collection of digital backdrops & DIY newborn lockdown portraits

With the arrival of Spring and plenty of free time due to Covid-19 lockdown, I have decided to create my very own digital backdrops which I can afterwards use to expand my client galleries once I am allowed to photograph sweet little newborns again, as well as offering them to my fellow photographers to purchase. Here is my first collection called Floral Dream Collection.

The inspiration for this collection came from my garden. I love flowers and greenery and I love using flowers of any kind during my sessions and I have been toying with the idea of photographing my own digital backdrops. As a mobile photographer I can't always bring all the set ups I would like to my clients home, especially when it comes to fresh flowers that can become quite messy. And since I have time now due to the lockdown, I had no more excuses not to finally create some backdrops.

For those who don't see all the ins and outs of newborn photography, this may come as a surprise and a bit of magic. But digital backdrops are frequently used by many newborn photographers to expand gallery with some more elaborate set ups. The photographer uses a photograph of an empty digital backdrop (such as the above) and edits in a portrait of the newborn. And voila - a unique portrait of your beautiful newborn is created.

I had absolute blast creating these and editing my past adorable clients (who I miss so much!) into them to get an idea how they will look when I use them in the future.

If you are a photographer and are interested in purchasing some of my newborn digital backdrops, head over to my ETSY page.

If you are a parent and would be interested in a DIY newborn session where you can choose one of my large collection of digital backdrops, I instruct you how to photograph your baby and then I edit the photograph, please do get in touch with me - I would be absolutely honoured to help you capture your gorgeous baby's first moments. These are only £25 and include 1 digital edit of your choice, PDF with instructions how to pose and light your photograph. Each additional edit is only £18.


Klara is an Oxfordshire newborn photographer, currently offering DIY newborn photography for new parents during lockdown so they don't completely miss out on having creative newborn portraits of their little ones even during these strange times.

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