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Celebrate! A (birth)day to remember

Children grow up so quickly - way too quickly in fact! In a blink of an eye, they will be adults and lead their own lives. As parents, we don't ever want to forget any second of their childhood, especially birthdays! Each year is a milestone that is worth documenting and remembering.

Some love to celebrate and capture their baby's birthday with a super fun Cake Smash session. These are awesome and fun sessions during which your baby can be wild and free, smashing the cake and making a load of mess - the messier the better!

The cake smash sessions usually start with a lovely portrait photographs of your birthday boy or birthday girl, and continues with the main show - the smash! Kids love it and it creates beautiful memories for the parents. There is nothing cuter than your baby enjoying a handful of a delicious cake, with a cheeky grin on their face.

After all the smashing, it's time for splashing (if you opt for it)! After a quick tidy up of the set up I will prepare a lovely bath for your kiddo to enjoy and capture all the bubbles and splashing fun.

If you are not much of a cake fan, you might want to opt in for a birthday photo session which includes more classical portraits of your beautiful baby. I usually do 2-3 set ups for this photoshoot and your baby will be the main focus and star of the show. You can select all the colours and props you'd love for the birthday photographs and up to 2 outfit changes can be done for this photoshoot. If the weather permits we can also head outside to take some beautiful birthday photos outdoors!

Do you have a little one who will soon be celebrating their first birthday? Get in touch now to discuss their birthday photoshoot.

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